A football Saturday

It was kind of a crappy, slodgy day at least for me. No real reason why but I did NOT get up as early as I wanted to and life kinda slodged along from there. I did NOT go to the farmers market but that was because there is so much road construction surrounding it, it’s hard to get there plus we didn’t really need anything.

The Twinz of Terror went out for breakfast at a restaurant. I did not. I went to the Plum and then ate leftover shrimp-fried rice from last night. I am sorta done with arguing about indoor dining as covid continues to ravage our community, local and global. The Twinz were not impressed with the service. Really? This restaurant was wonderful pre-covid and we ate there many times but I think it is struggling “post”-covid (not) like many others are. Is it simply that they can’t retain good help? Maybe. But I think it’s more complicated than that. Some people seem to be whooping it up at restaurants now that we are “post”-covid (not). I just get exhausted.

Football didn’t exactly rule the afternoon but I am happy that certain people are actually watching it again and not grumping about knees and things. The TV in the back room was on all afternoon although at a low volume. UMich won again. If I have it right, our home team is having a good year. I heard but did not see the fighter jets that scrambled for the UMich game. Y’know, our military pilots have to practice so why not fly over the Planet Ann Arbor. MooU managed to pull out ahead of, um was it Wisconsin? The GG was kinda pacing through that. USC is in the TV screenshot and here is part of the USC marching band joining Fleetwood Mac on stage sometime waaaay back in history. Be warned there are one or two ads.

There was a summer when that Fleetwood Mac CD looped in my old POC’s CD player. Driving the then teenage beach urchins around. One day we were driving to town and the grandparents were pottering along 6-mile road. I’ll never forget the look on their faces when I swooshed around them in the POC. I rarely pass people on 6-mile but I HAD to do that. Note that I am more of a potter-along-er on 6 mile these days. And I am more likely listening to NPR although, AGAIN, that is not where I get my political opinions.

I cooked a chicken succotash dish tonight. I used to have a recipe for one but could not find it to save my life. It’s okay. I googled a bit and got some ideas but in the end I just made up my own. It was fine and I made biscuits to go with it. I am not great at biscuits but I can do a reasonable job.

2 Responses to “A football Saturday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My mom keeps complaining about the state of the lettuce at the store and I remind her that she’s lucky to have it. Look at what’s going on in California and other places that grow our food. I’m much more worried about that than the service in restaurants (which I rarely frequent and then mostly outdoors). My UW Huskies need to score 40+ points to win which they did today. Their defense sucks!

  2. l4827 Says:

    There does seem to be a change in restaurant food quality/service post Covid… The home quality, has not changed a whole lot though.