Nothing like being monitored by a woodpecker

Actually the first order of business is that I. Made. Overnight. Oats! The beach urchins make them and they have fed them to me at the moomincabin. This is the first time I have made them. I made a cranberry/orange version and they were TO DIE FOR! Almond milk and a wee bit of honey and vanilla and I fergit what else. I squeezed two clementines for the orange juice.

I dunno why I procrastinated so long. Once I forced myself into putting it together I think it took me about five minutes. I didn’t have a mason jar around (a good container for overnight oats) so I used a tall plastic tumbler with Saran Wrap on top and wedged it into the fridge door in such a way that it couldn’t spill unless the fridge tipped over. I wanna try a cherry version next but I might need to buy frozen cherries because the cherry season is LONG over.

It was a gorgeous October day and we eventually launched on a drive out on the slow gravel roads, where you don’t have to worry about traffic backing up behind you. You don’t have to go very far out of the Planet Ann Arbor to get to the countryside. We have fall color but it is not all that vibrant this year. I think that’s because we haven’t had a lot of rain. Everything has a brownish tinge to it and looks almost wilted. The powers that be keep predicting rain and even thunderstorms but we mostly get little bits of drizzle. When we started our drive, it was almost blindingly bright but an hour later, clouds were moving in.

The GG is planning yet another trek on the north country trail with our friend Joan, this time in Wisconsin, but we are together this weekend. Pyro that he is, he set up a nice faaaar in the backyard and we sat out there for a couple hours. Just about when we were packing it in, a woodpecker managed to get itself into one of our birdhouses. It peeked its head out and it absolutely looked like it was eyeballing the GG. What could it have been thinking? I do not know.

2 Responses to “Nothing like being monitored by a woodpecker”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the fire pit thingie! I’ve heard of overnight oats but never made them. Not much fall color here due to the high temps. Of course, we don’t generally have that much anyway.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Could you use dried cherries in the overnight oatmeal?