What to write about?

I dunno. I posted a pic of meeee and the Twinz of Terror on facebook tonight from last Friday when we were in the Cozy Room porterzooming. I tagged both of the twinz in the photo. I have gotten sooooo many likes, etc. to that pic I can’t even believe it. Yes. The twins look great! A few of my commenters say my hair looks like mermaid hair but it is more white than the blonde that it looks like in the photo. But I do have a lot of hair and apparently it is a bit curly, at least at the ends.

I actually prefer my hair shorter. Like a Mom Bob but my Detroit hair cutter girl hates that term. I need to get to her sooner than later if she is still in business. I was getting around to it when omicron hit and I got f*cking omicron and that just knocked the crapola out of me for doing anything for a while, including driving to Detroit. Again, I was not sick, it was more of a psychological thing.

I am about at the end for tonight so this is just to say I love y’all and g’night.

2 Responses to “What to write about?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love your mermaid hair but the mom bob was TRES CHIC. I’m trying for a new style with longer layers. We’ll see if I can manage to grow it out. It’s sticking out in all kinds of places.

  2. l4827 Says:

    The ‘Cozy Room’, is that only a few nautical miles south of the Cozy Inn? 🙂