That season, you know the one

The one where you are realizing that you need to stock up on [too much] Halloween candy and then you turn around twice and it’s Thanksgiving with xmas chomping at its heels and if you are meeeeee, another gdam bday follows shortly after the new year. Hopefully it won’t be a COVID bday this year.

For various reasons, one of the beach urchins has been spending approximately one night a week here in the Landfill. She lives 45 minutes away but has changed jobs to the planet and although she can (and does) work remotely, she likes to spend a couple days in her office, which is not jam-packed with people. A move may be in the foreseeable future but there is no rush (i.e., remote work) and it’s up to her what she does about that. I’m just a moom, not a real estate agent.

I have not totally adjusted to this new version of reality so I didn’t check with her ahead of time about scheduling and didn’t have a dinner plan for tonight. It was okay. She was wavering about whether or not to visit anyway. In the end, she did come over and cooked us a loverly chard/sausage soup. I made garlic bread as a complement. I am starting to get used to the idea that she likes cream in her coffee and have that on my grock list as a standing item just in case. And I cook bacon for breakfast!

Bat tights from Snag Tights. I also have some in a loverly ectoplasmic green color.

One Response to “That season, you know the one”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The holidays in quick succession aren’t my favorite. I wish we could spread them out more. Thanksgiving in March perhaps? Lovely socks! Ashley invited me to dinner tonight and made navratan korma. It was delicious!