Car problems (but not recently (knock on wood))

A fellow blahgger posted about some problems with a late model Toyota, a similar model to Mooon Yooonit except it’s hybrid where ours is gas only. We’ll talk about that some other day. Or not.

This was a steering problem and apparently it isn’t related to fluid, unlike the time my crappy old POC had a problem with steering where fluid was involved. What happened then was that a whole bunch of the family was at the moomincabin. My mouse was a newly licensed driver and the plan was she and her younger cousin Pengo Janetto would go to town in the POC in search of I fergit what. I settled myself down on the beach to do my moom new-driver type worrying… I didn’t have to worry very long. After a couple minutes, “Moom, the POC makes a funny noise when I turn the steering wheel.” A squealy noise. Oh dear.

I was envisioning difficult conversations over the phone with the GG (don’t ask) and woman-type conversations with male mechanics. Fortunately, none of that happened. Because. MY BROTHER WAS THERE! Someone is having car problems? That kind of thing always excited my auto engineer brother and he SWUNG into action. Within the next half hour or so, we were at the Chrysler dealer and it was fixed in pretty short order. All I had to do was pay for it. Another time he eyeballed my tires on that vee-hickle and took it in to UP Tire to replace them. Of course I had to pay for that too 🐸 (not that I didn’t expect to). I hate dealing with car problems and was always happy to let my brother do it if the stars aligned in that direction.

I miss that old boy. We had plenty of sibling issues but we loved each other.

The POC never left me stranded on the side of the road but it was one problem after another with that vee-hickle. The first pic is from a blueberry picking trip with a bunch of beach folks at Betchler Lakes. It was a good day for the POC. The second pic is after a big thunderstorm knocked a tree on our house and the POC. A few years before that it was hit by a tornado while we were northbound on the I75 SUV Speedway.

The POC was the last vee-hickle we bought from an American company. We’ve bought Honda, Toyota, and Subaru since then. Note that buying Japanese vee-hickles does NOT always mean the cars are manufactured in Japan. Ours were made in the US, Canananada (I think?), and maybe a couple in Japan. I’m not sure where Cygnus was built but I love her.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love my Subie although I would like a hybrid and will definitely get one next time I buy. My brother isn’t mechanical at all so you were fortunate.