Twitter play

The GG (yesterday): Did I get any mail today?

KW: No

Epilogue (today): Oh ho! An absentee ballot arrived!

If you are one of my five reglear nucular taggers aka readers, you might know that I voted a couple weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if the GG was gonna vote or not. He will not be in town (I don’t think) on Election Day but he has voted in person even during the pre-vaccine 2020 presidential election. Note that the Great Lake State voted to allow people to optionally vote absentee for ANY reason WELL before covid and the Orange Baboon’s election “stealing” shitola. Election fraud was not a hot issue then, it was more about providing access to voting for people who, for whatever reason, could not easily get to their in-person polling place. Well before all of the voting trumpola, the GG did vote absentee when we would be out of town or whatever.

I imagine at the state level we’ve probably canceled each other’s votes out. There AIN’T NO WAY I would vote for Tudor Dixon for dogcatcher, let alone governor! Go Big Gretch! (Note that I do not know if the GG will vote for Tudor Dixon but I don’t think he much likes Big Gretch.)

Locally I think we are a bit more on the same page. There is a huge push to make our city “green” within a short number of years. I am ABSOLUTELY FOR green energy and bike lanes and all of the other stuff. What gives me pause is that there doesn’t seem to be a plan, other than a high-level overview. High-level overviews are FINE. BUT.

I have some small experience with this. When I started my adult career, our product was largely running on ancient technology. Think mainframes and green screens if you have been in the tech industry for a long time. Our application is now TOTALLY on them thar intertubes. It took 15 years and we had to eat an elephant to do it. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And we did. We picked away at various little pieces all those years. Sometimes we had to backtrack or refactor or whatever. We did all of this with NEGLIGIBLE downtime for our customers. We are STILL adding little bits and pieces of customized functionality for our customers.

I do not see that our city is eating an elephant, at least not one bite at a time.

I dropped my ballot into the Vet’s Park drop box on a beautiful Sunday morning a few weeks ago and here is the e-sticker I chose when my ballot was received.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I want my ballot ASAP! I’m getting a little nervous about it.