Like October on The Planet Ann Arbor can be, at least early in the morning, which was when I took this pic a few days ago. The day after that Old Man Winter sent a little warning to us. It was 39 degrees and I could barely tell there were snowflakes but yes. It’s coming.

Today? 70-something degrees? Something like that. BFF and JCB did a bit of a drive-by on their way from their yooperland cabin to their main residence down south and we got takeout food from HOMES Brewery. There was a bit of an ordering kerfuffle because they are apparently not equipped to take orders over the phone so you have to use a third-party app. JCB insisted on driving over for the pickup. I had been obsessing off and on all morning about having to do it myself. I don’t know why stuff like that makes me nervous, it isn’t even covid at this point. I shouldda known JCB would insist on doing it. Thanks and whew!

We could’ve eaten *at* HOMES. They do have outdoor seating but I figured mid-day on a Saturday (and not even a football Saturday) would be crowded and it was much more comfortable to sit out in the Landfill back yard. Eating at restaurants is exhausting for me these days, even with warm weather and outdoor seating.

I watched a couple more episodes of Westworld, which I started the last time the GG was outta town. I am enjoying it even though I don’t totally understand it yet. It’s from a Michael Crichton book but I can’t find the book and for various reasons I can’t articulate, I’m thinking the TV series might be better. So often it’s the other way around. BTW it is VERY violent, mostly gunshots and blood, etc. That’s all I will say but if it sounds interesting, I suggest researching it a bit, not blindly jumping in.

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