bare bones

Most of the trees around here still have leaves but I love those that do not. Like these that I came across on Liberty Road.

A little further west on Liberty, I came across a fancy farm facility and realized that I had once gone to a college graduation party there. It was fine but it was a little weird.

I took classes with the graduate’s mom at WCC. We were friends and at the time she lived in Dexter and we met for breakfast once a week. We got to be breakfast friends after an awkward situation. We were both taking a project management class. I had to be late to a class because we were dropping off our mouse at college that day. Her first year. I had told the prof but my classmate didn’t know about it and when I arrived (late), she and the prof were outside the room and she was freaking out that there wasn’t a project manager for our group. I immediately jumped in and explained that *I* had volunteered to be the project manager and why I was late.

I *always* volunteered to be the project manager for college class group projects. I figured nothing would ever get done if I didn’t and I wanted a good grade. Once I managed from “behind”. A talented high school student wanted to do it because it would enhance her grade so I shared it with her. In my adult career, I stay totally away from project management and just dooooo my job. Go figure.

Of all things, my friend’s daughter was a high school senior that year and one of the colleges she was looking at was the one my daughters went to and OF ALL THINGS her daughter ended up at Kzoo too. So we had something in common.

We met for breakfast once a week while we were still at WCC together and then for a couple years after I began my job at Cubelandia. She and her husband moved to Arizona (he is or was a doc) for a while and they are now back in the area but we haven’t really connected again. And that’s okay. I am not a social butterfly and most of my friends are people who find me and persist with cultivating a friendship. She did that with me but I think our lives went in different directions for a while. You never know though.

Oh yes, there was a birthday today. You know who you are 🧡🧡🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Those trees are impressive against the sky. My friendships have certainly morphed over the last few years. I’ve picked up a few new ones but lost a bunch too.