Niiiiice horsey

Yeah, I went off the rails yesterday but I am okay today. Yesterday’s kerfuffle wasn’t a new thing and it’ll happen again and we will carry on. (Carry on my wayward son.) I could complain that yesterday’s target was female or a person of color or an immigrant. One or two of those things are true but the aggressor also fits at least one of those categories. And by immigrant, I mean LEGAL immigrant with U.S. citizenship. But just jeebus.

But I am okay today and I’m not sure why I included that link to Kansas. It was a tangent and *that* tangent reminded me of when I was living on Seventh Street on The Planet Ann Arbor and I had started hanging out with the GG and I would often drive over to his place in Clawson(?) after work to spend the night. I had a gold colored Ford Fiesta then (a few years later it earned the title “Mama’s Little Gold Car”) and whatever rock radio station I listened to back then played Kansas among other things.

Those days were kind of a trip. I would drive M14, then merge onto I96 and then I would exit north onto the Southfield Freeway which quickly turned into a big four-lane surface street. Out to 14 mile and east to Clawson or wherever it was he lived over there in megalopolis. As busy as The Planet Ann Arbor can be I am so glad I convinced the GG that we needed to live here. I don’t think it took much convincing actually plus by that time, he had a job over here at That Darn EPA.

Oh! I just remembered how many times I got gas at a Shell station on 14 Mile when I was returning to The Planet Ann Arbor and the friendly Black man who would pump my gas when I was too lazy to do it myself. I guess in those days I had more time to sit back and let somebody else do my work? Nowadays I am like I will pump my own gas so I can get in and outta here quickly. Of course I’m not sure self-pump was ubiquitous quite yet? But I liked that guy. He’s probably dead now? Sigh.

I am glad the GG agreed to live with me on The Planet Ann Arbor. It is a great place to bring up children. I crack up when he complains about their political opinions and they come right back with, “Well DAD, YOU brought us up in Ann Arbor.” Yes. Yes he (we) did. Note that there are MAGAts here too but it is a pretty big blue bubble.

Oh, the pic is friends of the GG in a horse-drawn carriage in Wisconsin. He is having a good time and so am I.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Your town/city has a great reputation from what I’ve read on-line. I wouldn’t like the snow so much, but I would like the rest of it.