Lots of interesting (and bizarre) news today. Mr. Musk and Twitter? Hmmm. I was hoping that would not actually happen but it has…

I dunno. He is clearly not an idiot. He has done some good things. The Tesla electric vee-hickle (arguably because there are apparently battery issues)? Starlink? I don’t totally understand Starlink but it sounds like a step in the right direction for internet access if I have it right and I certainly may not. But then there was that tube or tunnel or whatever it was. I don’t think that worked out all that well.

Twitter? Is Mr. Musk an appropriate person to be the chief twit (yes I think he is calling himself that) of a social media company? First off, what *is* Twitter all about. I have been on Twitter since 2007 or so. At first I wasn’t friends with anyone I knew and most news sources didn’t have a presence. It was just me and some guys I did not know at all. I haven’t seen tweets from them in forever so I wonder if they are still alive. I also did not interact with them.

Eventually I connected with some family members and friends. None of us really tweet any more. I use Twitter mostly as a news feed. It isn’t perfect for that but I can follow various sources and pick and choose what to read.

I am struggling with the concept of “free speech” and content moderation on social media platforms. I believe that people should be able to say whatever they want to. I struggle with the fact that it’s very easy to “share” or retweet or whatever an article that the sharer hasn’t read or if they have read it maybe they don’t have the critical thinking skills to understand it. Responsibility and accountability need to go hand in hand with free speech at least in this day and age of fast information if I can call it that.

I am struggling with the idea that the Orange Baboon may be allowed back onto the Twitter platform (but we’ll see). I followed him on Twitter and it is one of the big reasons I disagreed with his presidency. From the getgo? WORD SALAD! Yes. He was totally incapable of pulling an intelligible sentence out of his brain. And then there was all the name-calling and just plain nastiness, often directed toward people who *supported* him. And lies lies lies. Shining a light up your ass will kill covid? C’mon. If you say something loud enough and repeat it umpteen bazillion times people will believe it. Right? Not me. He was and is a narcissistic nut case who cares only about himself.

Except many people did believe his bullshit and still do. When I talk to MAGAts that I know, I sometimes ask, “Did you read his tweets?” Oh no, they always say, I don’t “do” Twitter. Well la-di-dah. Sorry but you shoulda been reading his tweets. That’s how he communicates with his “base” and a lot of those people, well, I’m sorry but they aren’t necessarily blessed with basic reading skills. Dick and Jane and Spot and Sally. See Spot run.

I could go on and on but for now I am waiting for what is next with Twitter.

P.S. My kids are raking the Hoton Lake leaves and this pic is from one of the web cams.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I am fairly new to Twitter and don’t participate much–but isn’t freedom of speech (like all our freedoms) tempered with restrictions and consequences? Inciting violence does not fall under free speech protections. I’m seeing way too much of that lately, nearly all of it from the right wing. If they don’t incite it, they condone it.