NextGen Raking Crew

A new generation takes over? I can’t count how many times I have raked the leaves at the Hoton Lake Group Home. It has to be done every year and I always had a good time helping with it. We would rake the leaves onto big sheets of plastic and then drag them across the street and dump them into the swamp. I’m not sure if that strategy is environmentally correct but we were carrying on a long-standing tradition and didn’t know any better.

I haven’t done the leaves in a few years now. At some point in time my career got a little more intense and then the pandemic hit and I haven’t really wanted to hang out at the group home if there were other people there. Although I HAVE gone there a couple times and did not get covid, or not that I know of anyway. Summer 2021 with a TON of people and summer 2022 with one of our Colorado nieces and her cute little kiddos.

This year! My beach urchins and their significant others schlepped up there for a long weekend and they have done the leaves! At least the bulk of them. There may be a bit more to do in a couple weeks. But still. Leaf raking weekends were probably fun for my kids but even though they could be helpful, they were KIDS, and therefore got bored with the whole project before it was finished.

We greatly appreciate their help this year but we do NOT expect them to handle this huge chore every year. It worked out this time and they had a BEAUTIFUL weekend up there. Cheers!

One Response to “NextGen Raking Crew”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s nice when kids grow up into responsible adults!