Not Halloween

Jeebus. At something like 5:15 or so this afternoon a minivan disbursed some children to trick-or-treat on my street. The went to the neighbors next door and two neighbors across the street. They did not come to my house. It was a little early for trick-or-treating but when I used to schlep over to Cubelandia I couldn’t get home in time for 5:15 trick-or-treaters. I can now (of course) because I am a full-time telecommuter.

I know that it is best practice to turn on your porch light to let trick-or-treaters know you have treats. Mine was on but it is on a motion sensor so it does turn off. After a few groups of trick-or-treaters walked by the Landfill without stopping, I put ‘lectric Jack out on the porch and also remembered to turn the orange LED lights.

After that I got ONE trick-or-treater. I mean ONE. It was a 2-year-old (or so) and he arrived in a wagon his dad was pulling. He was NOT a happy camper. I dumped a bunch of candy into his pumpkin pail. There were people out on the sidewalk and I asked his dad if there were any more kids. Nope. I asked if he wanted any more candy ANYWAY and then I dumped a bunch more candy into his kid’s pail. The kiddo actually perked up at that point.

Oh man, Halloween… It was Lizard Breath’s first holiday after her birth and she was eight days old and we had a ton of trick-or-treaters here and The GG showed her off to everyone who came to the door (no f*cking covid then) and The Commander was also here.

And then there was my mouse at 18 months and not happy with her tiger costume. The GG took the kids out and every time they went inside someones house where there was a shoe pile in the entry, my mouse would yell “Shoe on”. I told that story to my one trick-or-treater’s dad tonight and he totally cracked up. Yes, that’s him, meaning his kid.

Trick-or-treat is officially done now. I hope no one else shows up. I enjoy the kids who get bused in from wherever but I don’t really want to deal with them tonight. I’d rather watch an episode of Westworld undisturbed 🐽

I have a lot of leftover candy but I’ll figure out what to do with that.

P.S. We did have quite a bit of rain today but not during trick-or-treat and it was pretty warm out today.

One Response to “Not Halloween”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I got one very early trick or treater but none since then. I think in another hour or so it will be hopping! Living down a cul-de-sac there isn’t quite as much action though.