Black sky at night, black sky in the morning

We are at the time of the year when it is almost time to switch to standard time but the sun rises LATER than it does around the solstice, two months from now. Absolutely pitch black in the morning. The flip side of that will be after the time switch is made this weekend the sun will set at 5:30 or so. This pic is from my trip to the plum market yesterday morning at 8:00 AM in the rain. Don’t worry. I was in no danger taking the pic. This is one of the longest lights on the planet and it had just turned red.

The beach urchins came over for dinner (and one of them an overnight). None of us could think of anything to cook so we ordered pizza and a lovely Greek salad with big slabs of feta in it. Another guest was invited but bagged it because the cornfield next door to the mouse house was being harvested or whatever and it was too exciting to miss. Apparently hawks were circling and deer were bouncing around all over the place. A sudden major disruption to their habitat.

We watched an episode of Shetland tonight and I think I will put that into my growing queue of TV shows and movies. I guess Green Acres reruns have finally run their course.

And that, my friends is about as exciting as it gets around here these days. So a lot of mostly nothing. Except that now people are getting in my space and otherwise acting like the GG 🐽🐽🐽

One Response to “Black sky at night, black sky in the morning”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve read every Shetland book and have watched quite a lot of the series until it was only available on BritBox. Pizza and a salad with feta=two favorites!