This’ll be a quickie. Lemme see. I made a mad plum dash this morning and THEN… Dun dun dun… I went to the hardware store. Guess what I got?

I was calling them leaf grabbers but they are actually called leaf SCOOPS! Oh man were they a Game Changer for my old-skool manual labor leaF raking operation. They pick up SO many more leaves than the human hand, especially my kinda mini hands. My hands may be small but they are extremely agile as various flute professors of yore might tell you. Even with titanium pinky.

Anyway, I put our two big compost carts out tonight plus two leaf bags that I also bought at Ace Hardware this morning. All of this was before the fog lifted.

I had to work today so I followed a version of Fly Lady (google her) to get it done. I took a five minute break every half hour (except when there were meetings) to go out and rake/scoop as many leaves as I could. I got quite a lot done but we still have a lot of leaves. They are picking up leaves in the morning and then I will follow that protocol again tomorrow (but maybe every hour) and then pick away at them through the weekend.

Quickie because it was beautiful out today. Hot while I was raking but cooled down when I sat in the back yard after work and raking. But I was trying to finish my boooook and I want to watch a Westworld episode but haven’t gotten to it until now. So I am off to do that. Sayonara, KW.

One Response to “Tools”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You got a lot done! I’m waiting for a non-rainy day and then will try to mow up some leaves.