Batten down the hatches and kick the boy toys out

The Master of the Universe is coming home. I actually have an estimated ETA although Edmund Fitz gale-type winds may close the Big Mac bridge so I dunno if that will hinder his trip or not. He can’t stay at the moomin at this time of year but he can always stay at the Driftwood although I hope he takes food out and masks to pick it up. I’ve had my fingers stuck in my ears and singing la-la-la for his trip. Fortunately he’s been mostly outside or alone in the Lyme Lounge.

Actually I was just on the phone with him and he thinks he is staying in the moomin parking lot tomorrow night. I was a bit skeptical given the gale force winds thing but apparently these winds are coming from the southwest? I’m not sure but it’s the northwest winds that hit us the hardest and sunk the Fitz so maybe it’ll be okay for him.

He will come home to shit-tons of leaves. I did my best this week and got what leaves I could get out by the curb before yesterday’s pickup. Gah! After they dumped my carts, I almost filled up one of them AGAIN today just with the leaves in the driveway. I HAD to get them picked up because some tree is dumping some little round thingies and as I was taking a cart out yesterday, one of my feet found one (under the leaves) and for a split second, it felt like I was skating but I recovered. I was too busy with *paid* work today to do much else.

So when himself gets back he will have some work to do. Our leaf pickup system these days is not conducive to manual tools and one-woman labor and if I didn’t have the GG around with his power stuff, I would have to hire someone. But then again, the city picks up compost carts and leaf bags EVERY WEEK through the end of November so if I worked on it every day, I could probably get it all done. But it gets god damn boring after a while and sometimes the weather is dismal for raking leaves.

P.S. I do not have boy toys here. That’s just a joke. The GG has always been enough for me but I am fine when he is off on his various boondoggles. I revel in being space-i-fied in my comfy little house. It was 72 or something outside today and after my workday, I sat outside in the back and watched my latest Westworld episode. I am at the end of season 2 at this point and I still can’t say I totally understand it but I also can’t look away 🤣🤣🤣

2 Responses to “Batten down the hatches and kick the boy toys out”

  1. Margaret Says:

    72? We’ve got lots of wind but 50s. Next week 20s, 30s and low 40s. I better drag out some appropriate clothes.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Hope the MOTU doesn’t get too winded today.