Gales of November

Apparently they didn’t need to close the BigMac and the GG is at Hoton Lake tonight. The beach urchins ascertained that by checking out the webcam. They’ve been doing that all week to see how the leaf situation is going since they raked leaves up there last weekend. Fun for 30-somethings 🐽

I did not rake any leaves today. It was nice and warm out but it was blowing a gale so there didn’t seem to be much point. Although I have raked leaves in high winds before, not to mention standing water. It also rained today but nothing significant. No standing water although I dashed outside with one bare foot and one sock to get the sunset. I was halfway through putting on my socks at the time. My feet got wet but this was a smart wool sock and those things dry out super fast plus they have other magical powers.

I finished Demon Copperhead (Kingsolver) a couple days ago and really liked it although it is hard to read because it’s about prescription drug abuse and what that can do to devastate people and, in this case, populations of people, mostly poor. The book was set in an area where folks used to make their living mining coal and that ain’t really happening any more that I know of. Oh yeah, the foster care system also played a big role in the book. Good and bad and not necessarily to blame for the drug problem.

I remember when the Orange Baboon was running for prez in 2016 and talking mumbo-jumbo (as he does) about bringing back coal mining. I thought something like, “didn’t that train leave the station 40 years ago or so?” Anyway, I don’t know how to solve these extremely complicated societal problems and I don’t think most of the people running for elective offices do either. I do know that we ALL need to seek out FACTS and they are not going to be found on alt-right media.

So g’night. Debating with myself on whether to watch the first episode of Westworld season 3…

One Response to “Gales of November”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful sunset! TFG had no solutions or any that made sense at all. It seems typical of the current GOP. Nice day today here (cold and breezy) but I-90 across Snoqualmie Pass is closed both directions due to accidents and spin outs in the snow. Ugh. The kids are headed over that way next weekend. Hope it calms down by then.