Hail Hail Michigan!

I woke up at That Batscope Hour. It was the usual reason, a quick visit to the Water Closet.

When I got back I COULDN’T HELP checking my phone. You know why. With bated breath, I did a search for our governor, “Big Gretch”. Whew! She WON! I wasn’t really surprised. Her challenger is a DeVos puppet. But still, given the political climate we’ve been living through these last few years, I had been nervous. I mean, six years ago I went to sleep on election night thinking the Orange Baboon wouldn’t win. You know what happened there and I found out at That Batscope Hour when the GG finally came to bed.

Last night I couldn’t contain myself! I texted (at 3:30 AM) the beach urchins to let them know. They are also Gretch fans. Then I told the GG. I cannot [exactly] figger his polly-ticks lately but I’m pretty sure he isn’t as enthusiastic about Gretch as I am. It was all right. If he reacted at all it was of the mumble-mumble-snort-mmmph sort of reply.

It wasn’t until this morning that I learned of a few more positive results. Like… Our Secretary of State survived a challenge from a rabid election denier. BOTH Great Lake State legislative bodies now have DEMOCRATIC MAJORITIES! I don’t remember when that was last true and we have some pretty darned old FOSSILS among the state republicans, “old” not necessarily meaning in age.

But… Drumroll… Maybe the best result of all was that ballot proposal 3 PASSED!!! This is the “reproductive freedom for all” proposal and if you click the link, it’s a PDF and I set it to open in a new window but who knows what the heck your browser might do with it. So now protections for women seeking abortions are in our state constitution. Note that this DOES NOT mean that anyone can obtain an abortion at any time in their pregnancy. Abortions after fetal viability are still prohibited except in the EXTREMELY rare devastating maternal and/or fetal conditions that are part of life whether we like it or not.

As anyone paying attention knows by now, all of the reproductive rights efforts throughout the country have favored a woman’s right to choose. As is said OVER and OVER and OVER again, an overwhelming majority of our citizens support abortion rights at least to some degree. The Supreme Court’s horrible decision last summer was NOT about states’ rights. It was about suppressing women’s control over their reproductive rights. When that decision was made, I told a coupla MAGAts that I know and love who claim they are pro-choice, “You voted for him. He packed the Supreme Court and look what happened. We are COMING FOR YOU.” And we damn well did 💪

The bad news? We didn’t jettison Marjorie Taylor Greene 🐽

P.S. The pic is from Wisconsin (I think), not The Great Lake State.

One Response to “Hail Hail Michigan!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yay! Positive news there (and here, mostly) and in general a better result than I expected. Still concerned about Georgia (how can anyone vote for Walker) although everyone expected MTG to win. Ugh. Just think of having to live in an area with voters who would support her. OR Boebert! And Lake in AZ will probably win the governorship 🙁