Muskrat love

I soooo hated that song back in the day. Muskrat Love, I mean. The link comes with an ad. Then again, I wasn’t really into groups like The Captain and Tenille. I was more into psychedelic rock, etc., in those days. I still am but I don’t listen frequently and I am just as likely to listen to country nowadays, which is not the Muskrat Love genre either. When I started to tolerate and eventually like country, I do not know. I think it had its origins in when I started hanging out with the GG, long-haired freaky people type guy that he was. He had a mix tape, Agaloogaboogdigby (something like that) with some country songs on it among other things.

Actually he did not have waist-length hair by the time I met him. He was working for Corporate America by then. I won’t detail (again) that meeting tonight except to say that he was cooking a CAN on a tiny stove. One he probably still has. The stove, not the can. I hope 😵‍💫

Anyway, it was 70-something again today so he schlepped a kayak down to the river and found this muskrat lodge. When he first sent the pic, I was thinking beaver. I quickly realized that anything Bucky Beaver built would be MUCH more extensive than this little dome. Also, I don’t think Bucky lives in this area of the Great Lake State.

That is about all and so g’night. Oh, except satty-lite radio just reported that a Burmese python swallowed a full-size alligator. Where? In Crazy Old Florida of course. (I do not know if that is true or fake news 🤪)

One Response to “Muskrat love”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hated that song too. I like rock, alt rock, classic rock and classical. I enjoy Celtic music and most bluegrass, but I’ve never been able to stomach country or twangy steel guitar.