Let’s just blow things up!

Somebody on facecrap the other day asked who was going to step away from Twitter now that it has been thrown into disarray. Nope. Not me. Not yet. I do use it (carefully) as a news aggregator. I can’t remember the last time I actually posted something so I am unlikely to get suspended. But I also kinda wanna stay around to see what happens. On a first hand basis, I mean.

I joined Twitter back in something like 2007, probably after I got my first iPhone. My first friends were a few males that I didn’t know in real life. Eventually my daughters and a few other relatives found me there. If I remember right, one of Lizard Breath’s SanFran roommates in that era WORKED for Twitter. Hopefully that person is long gone from that job. Nobody that I know personally tweets any more. Lost in the shuffle maybe?

You can’t really compare Twitter to the fintech industry. Or can you? But I do know at least a little bit about software/web development after working forever as part of a fintech development team. One thing I know is WHEN WE MAKE CHANGES, WE DO IT CAREFULLY. We can do at least certain things quickly if we have to but we don’t just start wildly swinging around blowing things up. Ever. We think about how our users will experience the change. We think about what the change might do to existing stuff. And then we TEST THE HELL OUT OF IT BEFORE WE IMPLEMENT IT. If we didn’t do those things, we would be BLEEDING clients!

My head is SPINNING since Mr. Melon took over Twitter. I can’t even put most of it into words. I have never had a “verified” account. I am not a celebrity and I rarely tweet, right? It is kind of HILARIOUS that a technology mogul thought it would work out to charge any yay-hoo who came along (like me?) eight dollars a month to basically do whatever they wanted to. Impersonating other people or whatever. Because they sure did, often with hilarious results and sometimes with permission from who they were impersonating.

I think Mr. Melon should stick with Tesla, SpaceX and his (snort) hyperloop 🤣

One Response to “Let’s just blow things up!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    He may be smart (not sure he is) but Elon Musk is an arrogant and narcissistic person who appears to get in his own way. I’m on Twitter but never tweet either. I do find other tweets interesting to read and it’s quicker with vote counts in the election than news sites.