First faaaar (fake log)

We didn’t get our first snow today. That happened I can’t remember when but the last time it was little spitty bits of snow in the air. Too warm out for real snow. Today it was in the upper 30s and snow did actually fall for a couple hours. Not enough to stick anywhere. I’ve been doing rain dances for a while now. Does this mean my “prayers” have been answered?

It was cold enough at 0-skunk-30 this morning that Cygnus warned me the roads could be icy. They weren’t. They were bone dry. The ice warning triggers at 37 degrees.

This is the first Saturday I’ve been to the farmers market in a while. Reasons? Complicated ones involving road construction and changes to long-term traffic patterns (think one-way streets now two-way plus dedicated bike lanes separated from auto traffic by curbs). Navigating the constantly changing streets in the pitch black mornings we get at the end of the EDT season was just not worth it. Plus I have been alone a lot this fall and so have not been buying a lot of food.

Today? Construction is done, EDT is over (meaning it’s light at 7AM), and the GG is back from his boondoggles. Sparrow Meats flew by on facebook with some prepared turkey broth so I followed that siren song inside. Maybe I’ll use that as the basis for tday gravy this year (I make it ahead). While I was in there, I noticed that no one was crowding Monahan’s seafood counter so I bought a big salmon filet AND HEY, you have swordfish scallopini! I cleaned them out of what was currently on display. Outside to the market proper for yams, apples, onions, broccoli, and lettuce. Hydroponic lettuce although we can usually get fresh lettuce throughout the winter because hoop houses. And no, I don’t HAVE to go down there at 7AM but it gets crowded FAST and I do not do well with crowds. And that’s not because of COVID although COVID has exacerbated it.

I do wear a mask at the market even though I am mostly outside. We keep hearing about hospitals filling up with RSV and regular old flu viruses and I can’t help thinking those cases might not have materialized if people would just continue to mask up.

The GG put a fake log on this afternoon and hunkered down to watch Umich beat the crap outta whoever. Nebraska I guess. I prob’ly shouldn’t have said that. It might jinx them against O-haaaaa-o State in a couple weeks. But still. Hail Hail Michigan and not just because our home football team is actually winning this year.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The Huskies beat Oregon–woo hoo! I was SO happy. Our weather has gotten pretty chilly–no talk of snow though at the moment. Whew.