Does it have a home? If it does, can it GO HOME?

I have been on the WARPATH! The Clutter Warpath. I hereby declare that I pick up after MYSELF, not anyone else. Take a note.

What was it today? Not much really. An [empty] igloo cooler that has been squatting in a corner of the living room for what seems like months. Move it move it move it! A plastic pail with some kind of a squeegee tool that was IN the living room but I moved it to the “foyer” a while back so it wouldn’t be in Roooooomba’s way. Move it move it move it! A “shim” hanging out in my kitchen. I had to ASK what it even was. I was trying to clean counters and not only was it in my way, it fell OFF the counter. Move it move it move it! We won’t even talk about the remainder of the NCT/camping/whatever BS that was piled in the back room. Move it move it move it!

Tools and other non-decorative crapola do NOT belong in the living areas of the Landfill unless they are actively being used. Thanksgiving is coming up and I think it’s happening here this year. I am not messing around. And guess what? The Landfill Refrigimatator is not actually jam packed with crapola! The freezer is not so great but I have made progress. There is still a Pandemic Stash in the living room but it is down to one box and that box comes in handy to block Rooooomba from trying to go over the step down to the “foyer” so I am living with its supreme fugliness. Note to beach urchins: don’t buy brown sugar or oregano or nutmeg. I HAVE TONS! Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting too.

A couple days late but how’s about Blue keeping Senate control? Yay for everyone who helped keep it from flipping. Special thanks to all the college students who kept the polls open until after midnight so they could vote (and register and it is legal in the Great Lake State to register on election day *at* the polling place). Now if we could just get rid of Lauren Boebert who I feel especially antagonistic towards. Sorry, I know there are others equally ridiculous and likely some Dems too. Apologies to the republicans I know and love (even the MAGAts🐽).

Weird mix of folk/blues music (kitchen) and football (back room) tonight. I’m actually getting along with it 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

One Response to “Does it have a home? If it does, can it GO HOME?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am OK for a while with clutter, then suddenly I can’t bear it. Especially if I have people coming over. I too am happy for the win for equal rights for all of us, sanity and perhaps NO more election result denying. I was so heartily sick of that. Very childish.