So I am omnivorous. I have ALWAYS been part carnivore and definitely plan a lot of menus around meat, although we do also have meatless days. I can’t really say why this is. My dad was a pretty darn good carnivore. He didn’t touch fish and even complained about chicken (khkhh was his opinion or sometimes SHIT). As a kid, I loved both chicken and fish. Of course we ate vegetables too. The Commander made sure of that having grown up on a farm and possessing a home economics degree. (She would kill me if she knew I called her degree that but I can’t remember what the heck it was actually called.)

I don’t know what is really going on but I sometimes wonder if whatever DNA created me makes me NEED to eat meat. Like how much protein my body needs and how it processes it and what kind of protein… Well, who knows… It’s got to be different for everyone. I do like a wide variety of foods but a nice little beef filet on the grill remains one of my faves. With friends. FinFam Steak Dinner. By “friends” I mean sides that go with steak but also family and friends to share it with. I certainly don’t eat steak every day, more like every few weeks.

I was intrigued when NPR’s All Things Considered ran a piece on cultivated meat this afternoon. I didn’t listen to all of it so I didn’t totally understand it but it sounds like “they” are figuring out how to grow actual meat from well, I dunno, meat “cells” or whatever. Which means you don’t have to raise aminals just to kill them to eat them. Which we have been doing forever but… (Here’s where I run out of words).

There are so many issues to think about. The most personal one for me at the MOMENT is would I like this cultivated meat? Can they actually create a beef tenderloin or ribeye steak or whatever from cells or whatever. I am all for reducing the need to raise aminals and kill them on a large scale but I would like to know more. And will this fancy new meat cost more at the grocery store than the regular old meat?

I know I would never be happy eating the proverbial “beans and rice” every day (although I do love beans and rice!).

The book I’m currently reading (Lungfish) finds a young mother and her child isolated and destitute on an island with a drug-addicted husband/father. They eat native flora/fauna when they can’t get to the mainland. When they can get to the mainland, they can only afford to buy cheap grocks. So the native foods aren’t enough to satisfy them in terms of quantity and taste. The food they can afford on the mainland fills them up but isn’t always very nutritious. In both cases, they are probably not getting enough protein.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I eat a semi-vegetarian diet unless there is a particular dish that calls my name. Prime rib for example. When I’m at a buffet, the sides are what I’m most interested in. I’m a small plate/tapas kind of eater.