Emphasis on the “GAG” part of the word. A disclaimer here? I did NOT come up with this tag for Make America Glorious And Great Again. I am not that clever. I dunno who did come up with it but it is now all over them thar intertubes, the ones ol’ Al invented (not).

I was going to title this entry “Here we go again”, which referred to the first snowfall we’ve had that stuck, although it is gone now. I guess that title would also have been fine for the Orange Baboon’s third run for prez. I hope “we” (aka his “base”) aren’t stoopid enough to fall for him again but who knows. I do NOT want to look at his mug and listen to his Word Salad for the next two (or six?) years. I wish somebody would put him out of his misery. Oh, I don’t mean kill him. Just get one of those big old hooks, pull him off the stage, and feed him a hamberder.

I also don’t want to give him any oxygen at all, even the teensy tinesy little bit my blahg might generate. So let’s talk the S word for a bit. No it is NOT an early snowfall. November 2014 the first half of the month emulated the previous winter’s Polar Vortex, when Canananada got drunk and fell asleep on the upper midwest (I cannot take credit for making that up either). I have seen snow in September. I have seen snow in June. I think. Maybe that was in the yooperland.

This bitsy little snowfall was earlier than last year’s first but not by a whole lot. Even people who have lived here forever are constantly commenting on how weird the weather is. Not. This is the Great Lake State. It does EVERYTHING here. In just about every month. We can have days and days of 70s temps in the winter and I keep glubs at the moomin for those nice cold July days we sometimes get. Radical Betty one particularly cold July: We just get a little BOX of summer.

G’night! I’m not gonna support the Orange Baboon (I didn’t before) and neither should you. Bad Orange Man 💩💩💩

P.S. Another good one: “Florida Man makes announcement”

2 Responses to “MAGAGA”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Florida Man makes announcement–hahaha. “I’m a crazy loon.” Was that his announcement? Our mountains are at 200% of their normal snowpack so far (last I read) but no lowland snow. We’ve rarely had any white stuff in November. January and February are our “snowy” months. 🙂

  2. Pamela W Jones Says:

    I also wish “somebody would put him out of his misery” but, seriously, I do mean by any means necessary. Before him, I had a vague sense that there was evil in the world. Charlie Manson? evil. Hitler? evil. Pol Pot? evil. I’m not religious at all so I don’t mean in the sense of good v evil, God v Satan. But mental illness can cause true evil and maybe those people should not live. Not sure what a civilized society is supposed to do about evil people. I’m vaguely pro-death penalty so I guess I believe that a society has a right, after a lot of legal proceedings, to take a life if it’s proved that the person committed an evil act. But should we institutionalize mentally ill evil people? Yes, in some cases, but I guess they have to do something evil first. So about the big orange ball of evil in West Palm Beach? Where does that leave us? Praying for a stroke, a fatal heart attack, a plane crash, or another evil person with a weapon. There. I’ve said it. The loathing I have for that man scares me sometimes. But even worse, my loathing has evolved and now I find myself loathing his supporters. I know that’s wrong. I’m just relieved that no one in my immediate family supports him. And, unlike my husband, I haven’t lost good friends because of him.