Don’t ask me, I just work here

Grock worker beach urchin texted this afternoon to report that she had been Courtoised. That could mean a lot of things. In this case it meant that two members of the cFam visited her at work today and then proceeded to get another cFam guy on facetime or whatever.

Yes, they were all guys. Having guy fun I might add. Our oldest nephew called the GG today about meeting for lunch since he had a prodject going on here on The Planet Ann Arbor. So he and the GG met at the Village Kitchen (VK). I did not accompany them but if I had not just stocked up on wrap sandwiches at Plum this morning, I’d’ve maybe asked for a take-out gyro. I have to keep reminding people I’m still not doing indoor dining but also, friendly introvert that I am, I wasn’t up for cFambly style chitchat today🐸

The VK is across the parking lot from the Plum so OF COURSE being cFam guyz, they visited my mouse (who was at work, I hugged her there this morning) after lunch. And THEN. They got the UU on the phone just to make it all more fun and cFambly-like. UU being the GG’s identical twin and therefore also nephew’s uncle. All this while my mouse was trying to get to a work teleconference.

And yes, “service workers” do have meetings. One that is burned into my brain is when I worked at Tempo umpteen bazillion years ago and Mr. Drysdale called a meeting to educate employees about shoplifting techniques. He used a package of “men’s briefs” as a prop, which cracked me up🤪 but… Dun dun dun… The reason the meeting was called was because I alerted him to the fact that certain customers were wandering around the store filling their carts with items that they then brought to the office to “return”. For a refund. I hadn’t really glommed on to what they were doing. I worked in the office and I was taaaared of trying to process their “returns”. Mr. D. TOTALLY GOT IT! And called me out (in a good way) for catching it, even though I didn’t really know I was catching anything at the time.

All that said, [again] the cFam was the BEST family to marry into. There’s occasionally sibling stuff but every family has that (mine did). But it’s not serious stuff and no one hires lawyers to bully and harass people (like happened in my fam). We recognize that we are all different and have our own unique strengths and weaknesses. We do what we can to help others if we have the means to. And we, the cFam boyz at least, are not above visiting relatives at their work places and doing our best to try to embarrass them.

BTW, that’s Gorilla in the pic. Our pandemic-gifted outdoor propane heater. (Don’t ask. About the name, I mean.)

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That encounter sounds like a random bit of fun! I didn’t marry into such a great family and am happy to be rid of most of them.