I don’t really have much today because my brain is flying wildly all over the place. ADA compliance stuff at work. I am an expert now? Nope. But after a five/six year journey through this transition, my name keeps coming up. And okay. I’ll take it. It was a HUGE learning curve for our whole team and we have come a long way but we don’t know it all. But I know enough to be able to provide a few of those proverbial (and often elusive) bootstraps to others who are staring the beginning of that journey in the face.

Oh when my name comes up, I mean only on my small team. The company at large has no clue who I am or what I do. I am just a cog, albeit a happy one. And I am NOT an ADA guru in any way, shape, or form.

So I was thinking all day about how to respond to an email. And thinking about turkey day, which I am not really prepared for but it’ll all work out and if we need anything at the last minute, the Plum will be open and we’ll send someone over there who doesn’t WORK there. Like the GG. And then there are xmas gifts, which I do not really want and don’t think others want a lot of either. Not to mention a few clutter piles around the Landfill (one reason I don’t want gifts), which are GOING TO RETURN TO WHERE THEY LIVE or else!

And then there’s my beloved Cygnus. She’s fine! But I was able to access her via the MySubaru iPhone app for the FIRST TIME since I bought her, which was May 2021 so I spent a whole winter without being able to remote start her. I love her but apparently only one person can have a MySubaru account. Which SUCKS since TWO people are on the title and she’s nominally “my car”. So what the f*ck? Logging in via the GG’s account allowed me to FINALLY remote start her without whining, “Dear will you remote start my car?” Or suiting up to go outside and start her manually. I had to do that with the Ninja but she was a 2008 6-speed manual. (I still miss my little Ninja but I love Cygnus.)

The pic is the GG putting some ancient sparklers into the faaaarplace. We have so much fun.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Remote start would be cool but since my car is garaged, I don’t usually need it. I’m not ready for ANY holiday! The neighbors are all putting up their Xmas lights and decorations and I’m ignoring them.