Oh, my nephew designed it. Or maybe it was a bazillionaire

[That’s why it’s such a piece of crap.] Jeebus. This morning. I can now remote start Cygnus (YAY) so I’ll do it. Problem. I needed a PIN number. I did not KNOW the PIN number but I was able to change it. So I did. But then. I got hung up on two-factor identification. MySubie was gonna send a text to the GG’s phone. The GG was still deep in slumber but I was not gonna give up on this.

So. I woke him up. Is your phone around somewhere? Mmmph. Can you check your text messages? Mmmph. He then surfaced and after a few minutes told me the code. And I managed to get it to start. It would be easier to just use the blasted fob like we have done with every vee-hickle we’ve bought since 2011. In this case, we’d’ve had to buy a SECOND fob for that functionality. We are tech-friendly so the phone option seemed okay at the time. It was MAY so there was no need to remote start for MONTHS. So I guess we were like okay, we’ll figger it out when we need to.

I don’t blame the sales folks at the dealer. They were wonderful. But who the heck made the design decisions on this thing?

I read somewhere that Tesla cars require the driver to use the touch screen to TURN ON ZEE VEEENDSHIELD VIPERS? Really? I dunno if that’s true or if it’s just Musk bashing. But really? I can manage my veendshield vipers just fine with the levers attached to the steering wheel and what’s good is that I can do it without taking my eyes off the road and traffic.

Not everything in an automotive vee-hickle should be handled via a touch screen or iPhone app. And I am not impressed with whoever some of these companies are hiring as designers. My remote start issue is a minor thing but touchscreen control for basic automotive functions while driving is not.

I wonder what my brother (GM automotive engineer and talented amateur jazz trombonist) would have thought about all of this. He died in 2005, before facebook and twitter and touch screens in cars.

2 Responses to “Oh, my nephew designed it. Or maybe it was a bazillionaire”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve only sat in a Tesla and all it had was a laptop like screen. It seems like it would be distracting to try to fiddle with it while driving. I have no desire for a Tesla or for anything to do with EM. My car has a regular key which I much prefer.

  2. jane Says:

    Egregious idling solved. Sort of. A few weeks ago, I forgot my phone at one job, so couldn’t use my phone to clock in at the second job. That’s ok, I can clock in using the PC. But there was 2 step authentication to get into that app, with either a phone call (no), text (no) or email. I select email, then proceed to log into my yahoo email on the work computer…which required 2 step authentication. They could call (no) or text (no) or send an email to my yahoo email (also no). So I just kept track of my start time and quitting time ON A PIECE OF PAPER and did a mis-punch after going back to job 1 in the evening to retrieve my phone.