Getting back into the holiday swing

This year our low-key turkey day celebration returns to the Landfill after a bit of a covid-type hiatus. That’s not totally correct. Two years ago, pre-vax, we did do tday here but me and the GG were alone with a huge turkey (pandemic ordering snafu and it was okay, I am good at using up leftover turkey). Last year we were all vaxxed but people were having breakthrough infections, some of them pretty severe, so we cautiously met at the mouse house with the younger generation testing beforehand. It was great and I did almost NOTHING but I couldn’t get the GG to leave at what I thought was a decent hour so this year I volunteered the Landfill again.

I designated today as my day to prep almost everything. And I got most of it done. Mashed potatoes are done. Brussel(s?) sprouts and delicata squash trimmed in prepration for roasting with I dunno what yet, dried cranberries and cherries, a bit of red onion (to use a partial one up), herbs, and maybe a dash of pomegranate molasses? Cranberry sauce is in a pan waiting for later tonight or morning. And it’s so full of sugar it can sit there all night. Dressing? Bread is cubed. Using pre-cut celery and will chop an onion in the morning. And I’ll put some other stuff in it including some chicken broth that got my late afternoon grock/beer runners a lecture on the difference between stock and broth. I don’t know the difference so I was okay with what they bought which is what I wouldda bought. Gravy? I usually make that waaaay ahead and freeze it. This year Sparrow Meats posted that they had some homemade frozen turkey broth so it’s thawing and I’ll use it for my gravy base tomorrow.

Chex mix? Chex mix? I was all set to throw that together but… Where is my Lawry’s seasoned salt? Oh yeah. It was umpteen bazillion years old and I threw it out last year. By this time it was heading toward late afternoon. There was NO WAY I was going out to a grocery store in Cygnus late afternoon on tday eve and Plum is an easy walk but did not have Lawry’s (that I could tell from an exploration of curbside ordering). So… Whaddo I do? Hmmm… I could run out to Kroger at 0-skunk-30 tomorrow morning and hope they have some (they have struggled to stock things during the pandemic). And then… A light bulb came on. What are the ingredients in seasoned salt? Googly googly and I’m sure I don’t have everything in Lawry’s recipe but what the heck, I made my own seasoned salt and I think it’s gonna be decent! Where there is a will, there is a way.

Oh plus, eggplant parm is in the oven for dinner tonight! It wasn’t the most productive work day but oh well.

P.S. I have the delicata squash because the GG was walking around downtown and called me from the farmers market to ask if I wanted anything! Yes! Facetime with veggies ensued.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love Chex Mix but I used to make it with Johnny’s Seasoning salt. Lots of butter and nuts too. It wasn’t cheap to prepare!