Mimosa samosa

Another turkey day is in the books and this is what it looked like as the sun was rising this morning.

I was the energizer bunny all morning, making eggs benny and cleaning up dishes as I went. The GG took a walk, hiking toward the mouse house until the mouse herself picked him up on her way over here for eggs benny. She brought a few friends including this one.

We took turns using the Landfill Chitchen throughout the afternoon as the workload shifted from the taaaaring energizer bunny to the younger generation. We have pretty darn warm weather for Thanksgiving. It was too warm to build a faaar in the faaarplace. We were all excited yesterday about having an outdoor faaar this afternoon but it never happened. It was a football afternoon for some and a crash afternoon for others and that was all okay. In the late afternoon big black clouds rolled in and it has been raining for hours. Which is okay. We have needed rain and at least it is NOT snow.

Here’s the obligatory pic of my turkey platter with clutter and today’s undumped compost to keep it real. The GG was just starting to carve the turkey, which is why there are only a couple legs on the platter.

Those of us overnighting at the Landfill ended our evening by watching (randomly) a bunch of the first Godfather movie (and more football🐽). I read the Godfather as a teenager (yes even that part) and watched the movie ONCE in its entirety and a few other times in bits and pieces on TV. I am thinking it may be time to revisit the book and maybe even read its sequels. We’ll see. Great literature it is not but there’s nothing wrong with reading a crappy book from time to time. The trick is to keep reading.

Oh yeah, our mouse revived a tradition of having an afternoon holiday snack involving samosas and mimosas. We squeezed fresh oranges and clementines for the juice. Good times, good tradition. Not that we exactly *have* holiday traditions. Thanksgiving has been a mixed bag throughout the years.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Random Thanksgivings work well for everyone; we can customize it the way we want.