Glad I didn’t know about this until it was over

“Sorta” exciting day? Crossing a small river over a “pole bridge”. A SNOW-COVERED “pole bridge”. Hey buddy, that eez not a breedge! Eet eez a LOG!

Why yes! He did fall in! How deep was it? 1-3 feet. How wet did he get? Wet enough. He hiked “fast” for a couple miles until he could get to where someone could pick him up in her warm car. Thank you Sue! His phone was apparently undamaged. His feet did not get frostbitten.

I was thinking something like, “I would NEVER cross a river on a ‘bridge’ like that!” I was feeling a bit embarrassed about that until a beach urchin piped up to say she crosses those kinds of “bridges” CRAWLING. Like on her hands and knees. Good choice.

I used to cross a log bridge as a child. Before there were modern houses at the west end of the moominbeach, we would launch onto the path at the Mullin cabin, run like bats outta hell to the “pond”, stopping briefly to inspect the woodpecker tree along the way. The “pond” isn’t really a pond, it is a stream and the log was how we crossed the stream at that point. If we crossed it on the beach, we just sloshed across it. So our log bridge was shorter and thicker than the one in the pic and we were agile little monkeys, not baggy old bags. And there was no snow because in those days we closed up our cabins for the winter and went to our houses in town. Meaning we weren’t there in the winter.

I don’t remember anyone ever falling off that little bridge but my (older) cousin Mac managed to TERRIFY me anyway by telling me there were water moccasins in the stream. Well. Not. We have ONE poisonous venomous snake in the Great Lake State, the Massasauga Rattler. It is RARELY seen and non-existent in the yooperland. Garter and grass snakes in our biome. I knew all that (I was about five) but it still scared me. But not enough that I was afraid to cross the bridge!

One Response to “Glad I didn’t know about this until it was over”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, brrr! Glad he’s OK with no damage. I always crawl over “bridges” like that, even in the summer. It was embarrassing in the crowds at Mt. Rainier, but I did it anyway.