Where house plants go to die

Oh not here (the pic). A beach urchin sent this pic today from her apartment. It is The Commander’s Christmas cactus and it still thrives going on 11 years after her death. I’m not sure how long The Comm had it but probably a number of years.

It’s a good thing some of whatever “farming” DNA exists in the Fin/MacMu/cFam ancestral pool made it to somebody. I absolutely did NOT get any of it. I kill plants just by looking at them. Houseplants, garden plants, whatever. Sometimes it’s neglect but mainly I just do not understand them. We have babysat house plants over the years. We have one right now. The GG is better at nurturing them and in this case, a main guardian of the plant will be around to check on it.

Fortunately, The Comm’s houseplants found friendly homes, mainly with Lizard, after she died.

We had a struggle with one of her plants. It was a HUGE potted thing (in a huge pot). The beach urchins called it “that tree”. I wasn’t sure how we were gonna even get that thing out of her house, let alone transport it to The Planet Ann Arbor. We deliberated throughout summer of 2012, when we were emptying The Comm’s house in preparation for selling it. The “tree” was among the last things to go. The laundry musheens were still there but I was using them that summer and left them for the next owners.

Then one day I got up there to The Comm’s house and the tree, pot and all, was in the Trash Trailer, which was in the driveway behind the Frog Hopper. I dunno how he got that thing outta the house and into the trailer but it has lived in The Landfill all this time. Alas, it has never regained the health it enjoyed in The Comm’s house. I know the GG pays attention to it so not sure why. Maybe it was a One Woman Plant?

One Response to “Where house plants go to die”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My mom has a knack for indoor plants that I do NOT share. I’m decent with the outdoor ones though!