Deep Blue

I texted this pic to the beach urchins when the GG finally took off on his latest boondoggle to hike parts of the North Country Trail. Yes, it’ll probably be at least partially a snow hike.

What a day. It started yesterday when he decided (surprise) he would leave today. Then this morning, he couldn’t make up his mind whether to leave today or tomorrow. There was gumbo making (don’t ask) and LOTS of rummaging throughout this morning and to top it all off, today was the Umich / OSU football game. He watches this game pacing around the Landfill, jumping up and down in front of the TV, and generally driving me nuts. Like, just LIGHT!

The game started out with OSU seemingly in control. They seem to win it most of the time so I wasn’t expecting much. He watched some of it here after making a final decision to drive partway north today. So I’m sure he listened to it in Mooon Yooonit, then finished it off at Flaman’s place before continuing on to the Uncly Uncle’s house.

I told him to leave the TV on (it’s in the other room) but I didn’t watch the game. I don’t understand football well enough to know what’s going on. I did open up a tab on my phone browser after hearing a lot of cheering from the TV. I figured OSU had done something but no, it was Umich. They sneaked ahead and never looked back. 40-something to 20-something? Something like that.

So Hail Michigan. We are now blue not only in polly-ticks but “we” have won the OSU game!

One Response to “Deep Blue”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My alma mater doesn’t play until 7:30 tonight and that’s WAY too late for me. Plus, I don’t know if they’ll win. WSU is playing on their home turf, it’s very cold over there, and the Huskies are used to Seattle weather. But WOOF!!