Random mini-rants and other trivia

I would bullet these but bullet points don’t work very well in my blahg space because floats and I don’t feel like messing with css. That’s one of the things I do for a living.

Cautionary tale: a friend (with much trepidation) and her family had multiple gatherings over the tday weekend and guess what? If you guessed covid, you win the booby prize. Everyone is vaxxed and boosted at least twice but… It is not over. Our own *one* holiday gathering was much smaller and after a week no one has symptoms.

I made an 0-skunk-30 Meijer run today. It was pitch black all the way over there and back (and WINDY) and I FORGOT to lock Cygnus while I went in the store. Yes, really. Fortunately all was well. I was in there 10 minutes tops but it only takes a second. I leave my purse in my car when I go into stores. That way I can shop unencumbered with anything that’s not in my pockets. Phone in one zip pocket, debit and fob in the other. My purse is well hidden but still. I wouldn’t take my purse at all but my drivers license is in it and I am driving.

One of the things on my grock list was REAL seasoned salt. My homemade stuff didn’t really hit the spot (Chex Mix), at least not for me. Hopefully it won’t take 20 years to use this stuff up.

I am almost done with the tday leftovers. Been making cran-turkey wraps for lunch among other things. That also used up a partial package of tortillas I had in the freezer and some of the arugula that got left here.

Yesterday the GG complained that I didn’t post a pic. Well, my friend, I didn’t really have one. It was dark when I walked and gloomy all day and I worked. So. Here’s a horse pic he sent me a few weeks ago.

Last but not least: No one fell off a log into a river today, at least not that I’ve heard about.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I am still craving turkey! The wraps would be delicious. Covid is definitely still around and still killing people, especially those in our age group. There is also lots of other crud going around. More flue than I can ever remember this early. This cough business that I’m finally shaking after weeks of misery.