Another bridge…

So this is what we got from the GG today. He is southwest of Munising, Michigan. I don’t really like the looks of this so-called bridge much more than the “pole bridge” of a couple days ago but at least it has a flat surface as opposed to a rounded one and I didn’t hear that anyone fell in.

I can’t complain too much. I remember when our own section of the north country trail was not quite as good as it is today although I don’t remember pole bridges. A dedicated group of volunteers worked hard to improve it and we’ve partnered with the US Forest Service to replace some bridges and other things. I dunno how organized the folks who maintain these other sections are. So much of this is volunteer work.

Me? With the usual amount of trepidation, I presented some stuff at work today. I do not enjoy public speaking even when my audience is the wonderful folks I have worked with for 15 years (and it’s teams and all they can see is my work photo, which was taken a few years ago). There are always wildcards and today they were Mr. Bear and the BB. Also today I was feeling a little iffy about my designs because I don’t have fluency with the “backend” processes that we are replacing with user interface.

As luck would have it, Mr. Bear was on his best behavior today. I’m not sure if that was because the BB was there or what but WHEW! I only felt stoopid once during the whole presentation and that was my fault for totally misunderstanding something in a totally ridiculous way. Ridiculous enough that one of my dev pals laughed out loud.

P.S. NPR article right this minute says that bats can make sounds over SEVEN octaves. Does a piano have that many octaves? I think so…

One Response to “Another bridge…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I disliked presenting anything at work in front of adults (colleagues or parents) but had no problem being on “stage” in front of teenagers. Glad it went well!