The edge

There are selfies that people take at the edge of something precipitous and then fall off and die. There are selfies that people take on what LOOK to be the edge of something precipitous and don’t fall off and we find out later that they were really not in any danger because the photooo doesn’t show that they are actually very close to solid ground.

I’m not sure exactly where the GG is in terms of safety in this photo. He is up on Miner’s Castle. It is a rock formation on Lake Superior. Forever in my childhood memory, it was a big rock with two “towers” on top of it. Not toooo many years ago, one of those towers decided it was time to fall into the lake and so it did.

So is he near the edge or is there some sort of barrier between him and the edge? I do not know. I do know that he did not fall off the cliff or even off any substandard bridges. We got porterized tonight and he is staying at a motel with a nice hot SHOWER and wifi. He is apparently cooking and eating in the Lyme Lounge and his hiking partner is, if I get it right, getting lucky shucky for her trailer from his room, with permission from the motel.

Oops! Correction: He is not ON Miner’s Castle. You can’t get there any more. He can SEE it from where he is. I KNEW that!

One Response to “The edge”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No matter what, that photo scares me since I’m NOT fond of heights. The GG sounds comfortable–I love showers and Wifi!! Roughing it is not my scene.