Clickety clack

Oh boy, did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed today. For one thing it was RAINING. That was actually GOOD. What was NOT GOOD was the WIND that accompanied it. FUGLY!

I was gonna go meet my cousins downtown to drop off the Ann Arbor Pioneer 1972 tshirt that I was gonna wear to my high school reunion in August (NOT Ann Arbor) but wimped out on the event. I was travel weary but it turned out the the reunion was a covid spreader so…

Anyway. This morning I bagged my walk and then I watched a whole bunch of branches fall out of the trees. Nothing big but still. And then I bagged meeting with my cousins. I was not going to EAT breakfast with my cousins anyway (they knew that). I am still not doing indoor restaurants. It’s partly covid cowardice but it is also that the few restaurant experiences I’ve had since covid have been exhausting. I WILL get over this but this morning things were falling on my house and I just wasn’t into monkeying around with downtown (and man do I miss the old library lot but we’ll talk about that some other day). So I drank my oj and ate my overnight oats (cranberry-orange) and then got cracking at various chores. Sorry not to see my cousins today but…

Mopping floors (roooooomba is tomorrow), cleaning out the freezer (again), cleaning the bathroom, and various computer-type chores. Like ordering xmas gifts. I dunno, I took Cygnus out for a wee spin this afternoon. I was headed for the back roads (yes, she is dirty) but had to pass various shopping centers to get there. Can I just say every parking lot was SLAMMED.

At this time last year I encountered this phenomenon as omicron was going crazy and it totally freaked me out. I am not freaked out now but still, I am glad that people sent me links to stuff they actually WANT because I sat on the Green Couch and within about 15 minutes of clicking, I was DONE! Note that I would go inside a store (masked) if I needed to and may even do some in-store shopping (masked) before all is done.

I am the main problem here. They are all bugging me for a list. I have made one but it’s very short. I am sitting here looking at clutter and trying to strategize a pre-xmas Kiwanis Thrift donation run. I will blahg about that some other day. If I get around to it.

BTW: On the spelling bee, I am one po6 word below queen bee and poopad does NOT work. I dunno why. It’s what FlaMan used for his late, alas, dog. Jax was a sweet dog but I did not like his poopad 💩😵‍💫

One Response to “Clickety clack”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wouldn’t be able to come up for a list for Xmas except gift cards. I don’t want anything; I want to be rid of a bunch of stuff as it is.