Poopity poppety

I was rambling away about poopads yesterday. I never did get the po6 spelling bee word that I was missing. This morning I looked at the bee forum comments. It was POPPED! How did I not get that? Every time I had looked at the words I had, I glossed over pooped, poppet, and potted and somehow thought I already HAD popped😵‍💫

I spent this gorgeous day cleaning things that don’t often get cleaned, mainly because they don’t often get used. And since Mr. Golden Sun was out in full force and there are no leaves to impede his vision, he illuminated every single spider web and speck of dust he could find. And I was thinking… Thinking about how I want to rearrange my house and furniture.

First, we need to replace the Green Couch. This is proving to create the usual furniture buying stress. Like I do not WANT something overstuffed. “Do you know what I mean when I say ‘overstuffed’?” I ask my mismatched furniture buying pardner. Not in that space anyway. It’s kinda okay in the back room.

Then. I want to get rid of the cFam dresser in the front room (where the Green Couch is) and replace it with some kind of shelf unit. It needs to have both display spaces and cabinets with doors. I want to put my extra glassware (that I was washing today) on display and store some other stuff. Radical Betty (my late aunt) had a lovely teak (I think) unit in her chalet on the moominbeach and I am thinking something along those lines. And no I do NOT want hers! For one thing, it belongs to my cousins. Also there would be the whole problem of getting it OUT of there (not to mention a few other unmentionable problems it may have by this time in its history). Also, I have some different ideas about what I need. Anyway, that shelf unit is my inspiration. I’d be willing to go with something from Ikea but others have attitudes…

Finally, I wanted a free-standing “coffee station” in the chitchen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen overall but one of the things that got forgotten when we gutted/renovated it was an OUTLET where I wanted the coffee station. So the coffee-maker and grinder are crowding my counter, which drives me nuts. I’m not sure how much fiddling around it would take to install an outlet there. But I would like to have one there and then I could replace the kinda clunky free-standing shelf unit there with something a little more low profile. And move the glassware to the future shelf unit in the front room.

None of this makes any sense without pictures. At least not to anyone unfamiliar with The Landfill. I know that. But it might not even make any sense with pictures. It’s mostly meeeee thinking out loud. So you get a pic of our beeyootyful waxing gibbous moooooon instead. Which was bright enough to produce a wee lens flare. Gratuitous telephone pole at the bottom of the photo. Wait! Do we even need telephone poles any more? I suppose there are still a number of folks who have land lines… Actually it may be an electrical pole. I dunno?

Cheers. Or poopity poppety or whatever.

2 Responses to “Poopity poppety”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you have specific plans about what you’d like to do, but it’s difficult to make decisions on specifics. For me anyway! I still have a landline. It’s come in handy many times.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I also missed “popped”! When I saw it the next day, I thought the same as you, how did I miss that?