Blue coat cacophony

The cacophony is in my head. Today I focused on a lot of writing (work) although I did not write the “comment” I have to write to finish my year-end performance evaluation. I have such a “floaty” job it’s really hard to write about what I do and have accomplished. It’s the same old same old and yet it’s always different, which is what makes it interesting. I am procrastinating and I know it. What do I write? I am also reporting to a different boss than when I last did this. Fine person but doesn’t really know me all that well.

So the GG sent some pics today of Himself in a BRIGHT BLUE jacket. We (his cousins and his sisters and his aunts or actually his wife and daughters) were wondering like when and where the heck did he acquire that? He tends more towards earth tones. Long ago this bothered me like why do you always wear brown or beige. Those are not fave colors of mine. I have gotten used to it though. If he picks out his own clothing and pays for it (and he certainly can), I guess I don’t care what colors he wears.

So the BLUE was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t think about it much until one of the beach urchins asked about the “new” jacket. Well. It came from Sally Ann (Salvation Army). A trail angel helping to support our friend’s hike bought it at Sally Ann after the GG fell in the drink last week. Remember the log “bridge”? So, of COURSE! Even though he may not have chosen that color (*I* like the color just fine, I’m all about blue), I know he is grateful for such a kind gesture.

So here he is on the shores of Gitchee Gumee in December in a “new” blue jacket.

3 Responses to “Blue coat cacophony”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    Beautiful picture. Looks like he’s saying Success! Or Home Again! Following your blog has sparked an interest in the Great Lakes, so thanks for that.

    I remember not so fondly writing those annual evaluations. I always procrastinated. I tried to think of it as recycled blather and that helped.

    Thrift stores are the best!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Great photo! I love blue and wear a lot of it! However, I wish I’d gotten a brighter winter coat because navy seems kind of drab.

  3. Pooh Says:

    My imagination says: “Yes, we are triumphant! We tricked the woolly mammoth to run over the cliff. My people will eat well this winter, and I will bring home the furry hide to keep my woman warm while I’m away!”