Merry xmas to me. I am now a Spotify user. A beach urchin is over for dinner and an overnight and she couldn’t ninja her phone to hook up with our homepod or whatever it is. So she downloaded Spotify to my laptop and gifted it to me and we got connected to the homepod.

I have friends who have long raved about Spotify but I have been reluctant for reasons I can’t articulate. This is so much fun. She loaded up a couple of Celtic playlists that she often puts on when she comes to visit. Then she found some old 60s stuff she knew I would probably like. The Byrds and whatnot. And Weezer, who probably weren’t BORN in the 60s but I love them ANYWAY. And then. I said, “What about Pink Floyd?” Clickety click and I had Dark Side of the Moon. And a couple other things and then… I asked could we search for a category like “Vietnam helicopter music”? Ask and you shall receive.

The pic is Gitchee Gumee on Saturday when the weather was at its worst in the yooperland and elsewhere. The GG and his hiking partner woke up and made the executive decision to NOT hike that day. Screaming winds among other fugly weather conditions. Instead they explored the little dirt roads they would need to drive to get to the portions of the trail they wanted to hike. When they got down to Lake Superior on one of these roads, this is what they encountered. They got out of the car long enough to take this pic and confirm that their decision not to hike that day was a good one.

One Response to “Spotification”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I had Pandora for a while but never used it. And I had Sirius for a while in my car but cancelled it. I don’t listen to music much unless I’m walking or running. I like silence. Perhaps it’s because of 37 years of teaching? Or having a husband who always had to have the TV on loudly?