Pandemic bubble wrap hoard

This is the bubble wrap hoard I collected during the initial intense online ordering phase of the pandemic. This has been hanging out in the Landfill Dungeon for years now, as long as the pandemic has dragged on. I still order a lot of stuff on line but not as frequently as I did back in the early covid days.

From time to time, I try to think of ways to get rid of my bubble wrap hoard. I could take it over to the drop-off station but I suspect it would end up in the landfill (I mean the city landfill, not my landfill). That would be extremely irresponsible of me to do because bubble wrap may not be recyclable but it IS CERTAINLY REUSABLE (with the possible exception of the sheet we let our sweet trio of western grand-nieces stomp on last summer – pop pop poppop poppity pop).

But what are my options for donating it somewhere that it’ll get re-used? I don’t think the Scrap Box or Kiwanis would take it (although you never know what Kiwanis might take). I have seen people post it om (om om om) on next door neighbor but I’m leery about interacting with strangers on that platform. It’s not because I think I’ll run into a serial killer, just the usual friendly introvert social anxiety.

In the end a family member adopted it. A beach urchin is moving, back to the Planet Ann Arbor as luck would have it! So this morning she stuffed my entire bubble wrap hoard into a couple garbage bags so she can wrap up her dishes and other breakables. The boxes? The other beach urchin (who moved last spring) dropped those off yesterday. There were THREE boxes of boxes but one had already gone out to the car. I can’t say I won’t ever get all that bubble wrap back and if I do, I will figure out what to do with it by hook or by crook. But for the moment it’s a relief to get it outta the Landfill (my landfill but also the city’s).

P.S. Froooogie and Frogette seem to be peeking out from behind the beach urchin. Don’t look at the froogs. You’ll only encourage them.


One Response to “Pandemic bubble wrap hoard”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Thank you, Georgia! Too close for comfort though. Glad you got rid of the bubble wrap. When I got my new chandeliers, there was a ton of Styrofoam that came along with it. Terrible stuff and i wanted to recycle it but no place would take it.