Ho Hum

In the spirit of Clean Out Your Pockets Day, today I cleaned out my digital camera. I can’t remember when I last cleaned it out, or to be more accurate, cleaned out the gigabyte or whatever memory card that goes in my camera. It must’ve been after California but maybe not… It’s amazing how fast I forget what I took pictures of and there were a *few* interesting things in there. It’s just as amazing how many stupid things I take pictures of and how horrible most of them turn out (Grammar Nazi?).

So for whatever it’s worth, here are some *really* random pictures and a couple of videos. I thought about putting a video of Ernie and Alfred horsing around in my living room but it didn’t turn out particularly well and I didn’t think Karen would want to be on YouTube saying, “he’s protecting his hiney right now.”

click on pics for more and bigger pics

Snowsquall in my back yard today, complete with NPR droning on (and on) in the background about the Taliban:

Quick shot of Liz on step 308 at Point Reyes (I thought I was taking a still pic, not a movie) and then a boring but vertigo-inducing shot of the Pacific Ocean below us):

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