Mini boooook blahg

Last several booooks…

The Marriage Portrait. The author of Hamnet revisits history in a fictional way once again. This time by re-imagining the life as it might have been for a Renaissance Italian era duchess (and artist, at least in the book) forced to marry well, you know. Someone who kills her. This child was promised to her husband at 13. I have daughters and I cannot imagine me or the GG making marriage arrangements for them at that age. Or ever.

Snow Crash! I read Cryptomonicon by this author a few years ago. I loved it but I got lost in some of the details so maybe it’s a re-read. Snow Crash was crazy as all getout. I couldn’t always get straight what time period we were in. There were crazy futuristic things going on yet people were talking about their parents/grandparents fighting in WWII and Viet Nam, etc. This dissonance did not make me dislike the book but maybe I also need a re-read.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. Video games anyone? I don’t actually play them. I mean NOT at all. Well except for the xword and spelling bee. Some people seemed to be annoyed at the characters in the book. I GOT THAT! But they weren’t all that bad and I know enough about coding/programming that I kind of got what was going on. Plus layering the art over the “engines” that drive video gaming. I don’t have words to articulate that but tech work in any format is both technical and artistic.

I am reading Horse now. Geraldine Brooks. I am loving this book as much as I loved March, her novel imagining the life of the father of the Little Women.

And I am off to watch my newest phone series, which is Game of Thrones!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We will be reading “The Marriage Portrait” in Book Club. “Hamnet” was a favorite of many of us. We had “Horse” on our list too since we love Brooks and have read several of her books too. This one doesn’t sound as interesting to me as “March” or “People of the Book.” “Year of Wonders” was one of my favorites by her.