Gray capitol of the world

Gray, cold, and dry. Well, not actually all that cold. 35-36 degrees is well within the seasonal temperature range for December in the southeast Great Lake State, but it is on the higher end. I am okay with that because it means I don’t have to totally suit up to go outside. The pic is not southeast Michigan. It is along the dunes on the shores of Gitchee Gumee, west of Grand Marais (the Michigan one, not the Minnesota one).

I’m pretty sure this pic wasn’t taken from the top of the Logslide but it is similar terrain. I’ve been to the logslide a few times in my life. I have never climbed down the dune. I’m sure I wanted to as a child but my parents wouldn’t let me, probably for good reason. It’s a loooooong way back up. And the whole thing can be darn dangerous as “hidden overhangs” can form near the bottom. I have heard it called “cliffing”.

The last time I was there it was summer and Mr. Golden Sun was brilliant. The beach urchins were elementary age and all four of us were wearing tie-dyed t-shirts. An annoying woman was trying to convince her kids to go down the dune. They seemed reluctant (smart kids) and I was ignoring the whole thing. Until she turned her attention to us and our t-shirts. I forget her exact question but the ensuing conversation involved me saying “Ann Arbor” and her saying, “Oh, you’re old hippies.” Well. Nooooo. What I didn’t say was “We’re just a cute li’l fambly who like to dress alike” in a cutesy little voice🐽🐽🐽

I admit to being a hippy wannabe back in my youth. Truth told, I would NEVER have survived commune style life. Water, cleanliness, and privacy to name a few things that are important to me. Free love (sex)? Yuck. And yes, I am stereotyping here. I know not all self-identified hippies lived in communes. (And a few hundred other disclaimers.)

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Our weather is mild right now but will get cold and sunny this week. No snow at least. For us high 30s/low 40s and twenties are chilly. Brrr. Tie dye does not a hippie make!