The calm before the storm

“Drizzle drazzle drizzle drone. Time for this one to come home.”

I can’t say the last weeks have been terribly productive, at least not in such a way that you would walk into my house and marvel at how decluttered it is and how much stuff I have flung. But somehow I managed to empty out some head space, which may be just as important. The last few years have been tumultuous in various ways. At the beginning of the pandemic I was navigating unexpected 24-7 time with the GG. (I married you for better or worse but not for lunch.) That with a low but CONSTANT anxiety level humming along in the background.

My terrification of covid ended when I had my own breakthrough case in which my ONE symptom was a mild cough. I have long shopped without fear, albeit masked and via my own rules. But the last year has been tumultuous in the sense that certain people have traveled a lot and they do not travel light with their trailers and trail maintenance tools and other paraphernalia. Clothes. Food. Flyers. You name it. So stuff is constantly being schlepped in and out of my house, which can be stressful.

So Himself is returning tomorrow. Probably just in time to beat what could be rough driving weather later in the week.

I managed to get a few things accomplished while he was gone:

1) My refrigerator and freezer are as emptied out as they have been in three years. They aren’t EMPTY but close enough. Of course, Himself will probably load them up with whatever is left over from his trip. I hope it’s not mustard, French dressing, peanut butter, or hot dog buns. And yes I know that peanut butter doesn’t go in the fridge but you get my drift.

2) I managed to cobble together a reasonable xmas list for myself. At least I think it is. I think it is enough that people won’t feel bad that I don’t have any gifts to unwrap. There is only one thing on it that is anywhere near expensive and it is something I probably don’t need.

3) I have BEGUN to make my way through the fog that surrounds buying furniture and have some fairly solid ideas for a couch davenport SOFA, a buffet and shelf units.

4) I got a pared down version of “my” Santa collection set up. If Mr. Golden Sun ever shines down on me again, I will take a picture. (The usual disclaimer: I do not ACTIVELY collect Santas. The Comm would send me a Santa most xmases and I also inherited her collection. I do not need any more.)

P.S. On the radio: Subie is recalling some SUVs because of a faaar risk. Park your car outside, they say. And whew. It’s something called the Ascent, which I haven’t heard of. Cygnus is a Crosstrek and she has not reported any problems since she was new and there was a bad taaaar sensor. Park your car outside? Hahahahahahaha. I ALWAYS park Cygnus outside. I do not have a garage!

One Response to “The calm before the storm”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The Ascent is the biggest Subie. It has a third row. Nice looking but too big for me. It sounds like you got LOTS accomplished. I have the girls’ snow globe collection out–or some of them anyway. I love the old fashioned Santas that look like St. Nicolas!