It’s baaaaaack

Man oh man, what a morning. I found myself sashaying through the Plum Market this morning WITHOUT MY MASK! I was pretty freaked out. After some wild dithery dathery thoughts, I parked my cart and ran toward the front door to go and get my mask out of Cygnus. As luck would have it, I ran just about smack dab into my mouse and she snagged a Plum mask for me. It helps to have friends / daughters in high places.

I can’t believe how freaked out I was about this. All day… There was hardly anyone in the store and I was never close to anyone (even mouse) for more than a few seconds. In my defense, it was a scrambled morning of sorts. I didn’t plan on grabbing grocks today but realized that I needed a key ingredient and my time frame was limited. Traffic was nutso and there was weirdness in the parking lot in that some other person had parked in My Spot. So I was not mindful about my standard procedure for shutting off Cygnus and exiting her with the correct items. I did have my debit card. If I hadn’t, I knew I could hit up my mouse to pay for my grocks and repay her via venmo. I can’t do that at Meijer 🐽

Speaking of covid, an article flew by on Twitter this morning listing the most common symptoms people are experiencing now as opposed to earlier virus variants. Runny nose was one of the top symptoms and I don’t think it was even ON the original list back in 2020. In fact I think I remember folks saying runny nose was NOT a symptom. Well. Almost two weeks ago ONE of my nostrils ran for about five hours (TMI?). The other remained dry as a bone. I was kinda like what IS this? Pre-covid I would not have even thought anything about a runny nose. I mean, I am an aminal. I cough and sneeze and experience runny noses on a regular basis. Most of them are from some sort of random situational thing.

This was waaaay before I read this morning’s article but I was monitoring it anyway. It stopped and did not resume. I had no other cold-like symptoms. I did not test. I hadn’t been near anyone for more than a twinkling in DAYS and I was masked at all times. I am 99% sure it was not covid but if it was, I am 99.999% certain I did not give it to anyone else.

Still, mask up. Covid is still out there and is still dangerous for some folks plus there is always the flu and RSV. Take care of your family, friends, neighbors, and service workers.

One Response to “It’s baaaaaack”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It feels weird to me to have my mask off in a public place. There are so many viruses around right now and combinations of them. 🙁