Penny wise, pound foolish

So… I wasn’t terribly optimistic when I asked the GG if he wanted to watch Game of Thrones with me so I was surprised he showed interest. Problem. It’s on Hulu and Hulu was not on either of our bigass TVs the night he arrived back on the Planet. So we bagged it. As one of the beach urchins has been known to say, our entire home entertainment “system” is banjaxed. That’s why when I am Moom Alone, I watch movies and things on my phone. When I’m not reading or playing word games.

I think he did figure out how to get Hulu on the TV in the back room but he had another idea yesterday. American Pie. (Bear with me here.) I asked why he would pick American Pie. Because it’s a really good movie, said he. Something felt “off” about all of this but I couldn’t quiiiite think what so I decided I’d go along with it. I did mention that he never wants to watch anything *I* want to watch but sheesh, it’s not like I am trying to get him to watch Handmaid’s Tale. That’s my guilty pleasure.

Anyway, the movie came on and I pretty quickly realized that what he was thinking of was AMERICAN GRAFFITI!!!! !!!! Which IS a good movie. American Pie? Maybe even worse than Canadian Bacon! Think Brett Kavanaugh “frat boy” style teenage parties, and no, I am not a Kavanaugh fan. Ugh Ugh Ugh. I didn’t last long. I decamped to the front room where I read my current book* and tried not to listen to the shenanigans and hijinks on the TV in the back room. Teenage sex noises? Nuh-uh.

He agreed that it was a terrible movie but he watched it ANYWAY. Why? Because he paid for it. How much did he pay? FOUR DOLLARS 👀 👀 👀.

Maybe it’s just that you get what you pay for. I’m not sure what I pay for Hulu but it doesn’t break the bank and I don’t have to pay every time I stream something or whatever it is that I do.

I love the GG and I loved my father-in-law, the Gumper, but this kinda reminds me of once when were at Houghton Lake and there was some kind of rebate on an item they bought at the hardware store. Problem? You had to mail very specific documentation somewhere to get the rebate. I can’t remember exactly what the whole sequence of events was but in the middle of it all, the Gumper moved back to his winter home in Crazy Old Florida and all of this stuff got mailed back and forth from the Planet Ann Arbor to Fla so many times that I have always believed the postage exceeded the amount of the rebate, which I think was something like $2.00. I don’t remember if they ever got the rebate.

*Current book was Jellicoe Road, which was very good YA set in Australia but I couldn’t quiiite give it five stars. I have now finished it.

Photo credit to Joan, his recent hiking partner. Her blog.

One Response to “Penny wise, pound foolish”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think I watched American Pie one time. I did like American Graffiti. The amount I pay for cable makes me unwilling to pay a cent to watch anything else. I sometimes watch things on my laptop just to avoid that.