Bah humbug

At the end of the day I looked back and realized this was my annual bah humbug day (fingers crossed that I don’t have another one). Usually my annual bah humbug day is related to a disappointing xmas shopping excursion. Today it was crappy weather. And I don’t mean we had an ice storm or something. Old Man Winter threw some half-hearted flakes at us off and on throughout the day but nothing that stuck to anything although a bit of light snow is on the ground now. It was mostly just gray, cold, and fugly.

Other than that I can’t really complain. A beach urchin is moving back here to the Planet Ann Arbor this weekend. Today her dad drove over to DayTwa and loaded up Mooon Yooonit and her roof top luggage thingy with boxes and stuff and dropped it off at the new place. The urchin texted me to say that the the GG was back on the planet and giving the UU a tour of her house. A looooong time after that text, I texted back to say that the Twinz of Terror were either spending a LOT of time at her house or they had gone out to lunch. And yes, they were indeed having lunch at the Fleetwood Diner. Hippie Hash? Prob’ly not for lunch. The other beach urchin drove to DayTwa independently of the GG, filled Oriole with houseplants, and dropped them off at her sister’s new place.

I have to laugh when a beach urchin tells me they’ve caught themselves channeling their moom. About the last person teenage girls want to be like is their mother. Having been a teenage girl, I KNOW! Now that they are full-fledged adults they LAUGH about it. Today it was accounting systems. I’m not sure if spreadsheets are involved or what but I was the Spreadsheet Queen beginning from when I took over the co-op nursery treasury back in the Jurassic Age and dragged all of the bookkeeping onto my MacPlus or whatever it was. From there I did the elementary school, two middle schools (long story), and high school PTOs. And youth theatre guild. It was all fun but and I still maintain various spreadsheets but I at least get paid for it now, if only the ones that are part of my job.

Oh! I ordered two dcuks from the Plum Market to pick up Thursday! And a special hors d’oeuvres from an online company that shall remain a surprise. (Hopefully it’ll also be GOOD!)

And that’s a moose track in the pic. There’s nothing in the pic to show the scale but the GG reports that it is six inches wide.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Wonderful to have your daughters nearby! I’m enjoying it a lot after having mine so far east. Neither one of my daughters is very much like me. Not that I notice anyway!