Shopping mini-odyssey

Despite various expert cooks trying to teach me how to make gravy right in the turkey pan, I have never gotten the knack so years ago – before the Google – I came across a make-ahead gravy recipe that worked for me and I haven’t looked back. The problem is that turkey parts are one of those things that you can’t necessarily just waltz into a grock shop any old time and expect to find them. So I start keeping an eye out around the beginning of November and snatch ’em when I see ’em.

I have bought turkey parts at Plum before but I have yet to see them there this year. Meijer is usually a good bet but I haven’t seen them there either. My mouse has some turkey stock in her freezer she made from our tday turkey that would’ve worked but she she was at work early today and I wanted to make my gravy this morning.

The Westgate Kroger was my main go-to grock shop pre-Plum. I love Kroger but I was elated when the upscale Plum opened up three blocks away from the Landfill. So I switched. Post-pandemic*, Kroger has struggled to keep enough stock and employees around. I kinda gave up on it after some less than successful trips in post-vax 2021. But what the heck, I gave Kroger another try today. I had to look around a bit but in the end I hit the Turkey Thigh Jackpot! And it seemed well stocked and staffed in general so yay!

Although I have been known to go into grocery stores at times other than early morning, that has become my fave time to shop. It isn’t only because of COVID. It’s also that THERE IS NO TRAFFIC at that time and I don’t usually have to stop for every single blasted stop light – which is 10 between here and the Saline Rd. Meijer, which is five miles. I am less rigid about timing shopping trips in the yooperland. That’s because driving the 11 miles or whatever it is from the moominbeach to the Soo Meijer, I do not encounter ANY traffic lights and usually VERY LITTLE traffic.

Anyway I have my gravy started and ready to finish and freeze tomorrow.

*When I say “post-pandemic”, I do NOT mean I think covid is over. It most certainly is not. I mean that a lot of grock shops have struggled to return to the consistent levels of goods and services they provided before covid. I still mask when I shop and I am happy when others do also but I don’t get angry when they don’t. I can’t even get the GG to mask 💩

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Kroger (Fred Meyer here) will be the Big One in my area since they’re trying to buy out Safeway/Albertsons. They’ll have quite a monopoly if it works out. I’ve been doing pick up for years and rarely enter a grocery store these days. Don’t miss it.