Meet the truck or stay outta the fray?

The truck came to the Planet Ann Arbor today and the GG was there to meet it, shovel in hand. I’m kind of kidding about the shovel. There isn’t enough snow to shovel (YET). What did come down was very light but it froze and the sidewalks were slippery. Last year we barely got any snow at all. Only a few minor storms that I remember. I’m guessing this year we’ll be back to more of the usual. It’s okay, I’m a telecommuter. Yay!

Anyway, the GG helped unload the moving truck, then decamped to the Landfill back room where he watched the Lions WIN (yes, really, they are on a roll this year) and I dunno how many other football games. Three partial ones, it turns out.

I did not help with the move. I figured I’d just be in the way. One of my “parent of adult children” mantras is “stay outta the fray” and I’ll see the house when things get unpacked. Instead I made a lasagne and finished my make-ahead gravy. And read my 101st book of 2022. I finished my 100th book yesterday, which means I met my goodreads challenge for the year. I read a lot of good books in 2022 but I’m thinking maybe fewer that I rated five stars than usual. I rated a lot of them four stars. They were good, just didn’t have quite the oomph I needed for five stars.

My 100th book was Nightcrawling, which I did rate five stars. Young (teenage) black woman trying to hold what remains of a dysfunctional family together without a stable income. I loved it but awful things happened so I don’t think it would be everyone’s cuppa. I loved the protagonist. As a white teenager with an intact, educated, relatively affluent family, I’d be dead if I’d had to do the things this child did to survive. The author is 20 years old. With this book as her debut, it’ll be interesting to see what else she’s capable of.

I used lower case for black and white. I know people are capitalizing those words nowadays. I have done so myself but I’m not sure I feel comfortable doing it so I’m struggling a bit. My thoughts about that topic are so complex I can’t easily put them into words. I guess one thing is it feels like stereotyping and as both a “yooper” and an “Ann Arbor hippie” and once “the brain of Lincoln School” (as a child), I am uncomfortable with stereotyping. I also know that that’s only a thin sliver of the pie and there are a lot of things I don’t understand. But I’m not too old to learn.

Love y’all, KW 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “Meet the truck or stay outta the fray?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    20 years old! Wow, such a heavy topic to write about so well. I do the same as you if the girls are cooking in my kitchen. Just can’t watch. They have very different styles from me. I clean up as I go whereas they do not. Yikes.