Monday before xmas

Another horrible gray fugly day. Sounds like it’ll get worse before it gets better. But after the sun goes down it isn’t really all that bad as you may be able to see here. I was plugged in to work today but I won’t say I was the most productive I’ve ever been. The GG was in and out doing hardware store and xmas errands, etc.

I figured out how to get Spotify to play music on our home pod tonight. I was hoping the GG would be surprised by that but he didn’t really notice it for a while. Of all things, when I came clean about having a Spotify account (a gift from my daughter) he said he’d had an account for years. Well. So. If you have a Spotify account, why are you always fiddling around going nuts with the banjaxed music system?

I am happy my older beach urchin moved into a house on The Planet Ann Arbor yesterday but I will miss the occasional sleepovers we had throughout the summer and fall. She can (and does) work remotely but likes to spend the occasional day in the office and it worked out for her to sleep here or at the mouse house for a night.

Getting to know my new boss, I once mentioned that an adult child was moving back into our city, her home city. His reaction was that he hoped she wasn’t moving into my basement. I gnoffed and gnoffed. Nope. My kids love me but the last thing they would want is to live in my basement! And they don’t have to because they are successful enough to afford their own residences. My boss has teenage children and from what little he says about them, I don’t think he is truly worried about that potential outcome.

One Response to “Monday before xmas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s been gray here too lately which I prefer to snow. Going to get cold though. I’m happy to have my daughters so much closer.