Business as usual, winter version

He was moving so fast I could barely grab my phone in time to get a pic.

After all the super hype about blizzards and things, that isn’t *exactly* what we got. We got a couple inches of snow at the most. The temperature dropped from the upper 30s last night to -1 now and the wind howled all day.

We did not venture out onto the roads until evening. I was surprised that the main surface streets didn’t seem to be very well plowed. It was okay (kinda). It is so cold that nothing is very slippery. When I say that I don’t mean it’s okay to drive like a bat outta hell and the GG didn’t, slowing well before intersections, etc.

We weren’t afraid of the roads, there just wasn’t any good reason to go out. In addition to little cleaning/laundry type chores, I slow-cooked a bunch of stuff for xmas eve and day. By slow-cooked, I don’t mean I put things in the oven at a low temperature for a long time. I prepped brussel(s?) sprouts. I cooked lentils and squash and chopped scallions for a salad. And made the dressing (which includes pomegranate molasses, a new thing to me). I made marinade for beef filets (or kebabs depending on my mood) for tomorrow night. And I fergit what else. This kind of slow-cooking means that I can also clean-as-I-go. Very UN-stressful overall and glad I saved enough vacay to take today off. And I get to do a similar thing tomorrow so yay!

We learned today that we can only remote start Cygnus TWICE (total 20 minutes) before getting IN the car and actually pushing the start button. The GG claims this is because of the “nanny state”. I hate that term but then I also hate the term “woke”. Plain English please! I don’t know who made the design decisions for the Subie app and whether or not they are complying with gubmint regulations. I agree that egregiously idling is not conducive to reducing carbon emissions or whatever they’re called. But if you live in the Great Lake State and it is 1 degree above zero and you don’t have a garage, it is nice to get into a semi-warm car and not have to scrape ice off zee veeeendsheeeld. Of course the work-around is what I used to do with the Ninja (who, as a manual could not have remote start). I would get in and start her (with an actual key) and let her idle until I was ready to drive. Where there is a will, there is a way. And most of the year we don’t need to remote start our cars at all.

Shout-out to our friends of porterization and pizza at their house. Last night they were headliners. Tonight they just get an honorable mention.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That does seem like it’s designed to discourage a lot of car idling. I don’t have remote start but it sounds slick. Dinner sounds like it’s going to be delicious. I hope ours turns out OK. I’m not much of a cook so I’ll have to depend on my daughters. 🙂